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  1. Prices quoted herein are based upon present costs of labor, materials, service, duties, freight, taxes and exchange and quotations are subject to acceptance within 10 days. All quotes will be considered expired after 10 days from date on original quote. Ensteel & PCM reserves the right to cancel any quotation and/or order at any time prior to delivery without penalty. In the event of cancellation or deferred delivery at the request of the customer, Ensteel & PCM reserves the right to impose charges.
  2. Should there be any increase in the costs stated in paragraph (1) between the date of this quotation and/or order and the delivery of goods specified therein, the prices herein mentioned shall be increased accordingly.
  3. Terms – Net 30 days, unless otherwise specified with interest at the rate of 2 % per month charged on overdue accounts. Title to and property, in all goods is reserved in Ensteel & PCM until payment in full of the purchase price, but goods shall be at the purchaser’s risk.
  4. Warranty – Goods supplied by Ensteel & PCM are warranted to the extent only that they are to be made of good material and processed in a workmanlike manner and liability in respect thereof is limited to the replacement or repair of any article or part which shows defective materials or workmanship within 60 days from the date of shipment, which replacement shall be made free of charge F.O.B. the original shipping point upon proof satisfactory to Ensteel & PCM of the defect claimed. Goods and materials not manufactured and services not performed by Ensteel & PCM are not warranted except in so far as, and to the extent that, the same are warranted to Ensteel & PCM by its suppliers. This warranty is to the original purchasers only and shall not apply to any loss, cost, injury or damage to person or property nor for loss of use of the equipment nor for loss of production for any consequential damage of whatsoever kind or nature.
  5. Delivery dates are approximate and Ensteel & PCM shall not be liable for failure to complete delivery of goods and/or damages for delay in shipment however caused. Shipping costs and scheduling are the sole responsibility of the customer.
  6. Should Ensteel & PCM engage legal counsel, bailiffs or others to collect any overdue monies, relative to this quotation and/or order, all costs and expenses of collection are to be payable by the purchaser in addition to the other sums payable.
  7. This quotation and/or order sets forth the entire understanding and there are no agreements, representations warranties, terms or conditions, expressed or implied, statutory or except as contained herein.

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